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Christine L Bowen (CLB​) is a free-spirited conscious creative who lives presently, loves wholeheartedly, laughs regularly, and is extremely passionate about living life at its creative best and inspiring others to enjoy the same.

CLB has over 30 years of combined experience in the areas of visual communication, professional networking, and mass media. Her career began in her homeland (Kingston, Jamaica) at the age of 16. She was a highly sought-after graphic design professional, with her impressive client roster including Bank of Jamaica, Mutual Life Insurance Company and several local businesses.

Following her Visual Communication studies at The Edna Manley College for Visual & Performing Arts, CLB migrated to the USA in 1992. She pursued a 15-year corporate career specializing in the fields of art distribution, graphic design, web development, and project management. In 2007, she resumed her career as a creative entrepreneur, and also branched into the arenas of professional networking, and media broadcasting.

Over the years, CLB has studied under the tutelage of industry leaders including Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Marshall Sylver, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Simon T. Bailey, and Kute Blackson, to name a few. She has been recognized by Mashable, LinkedIn, Klout, and Kred as a top 0.1% global social influencer in her areas of expertise, with her WebTV show averaging 500+ live viewers in over 135 countries.

Drawing from her extensive experience, CLB is dedicated to serving fellow heart-centered professionals who desire to achieve a higher level of excellence in business and in life. Her unique approach inspires you to infuse greater consciousness, connection, and creativity into your TOTAL presence.

When collaborating with CLB, she liberates you from the frustration and limitation of status quo standards and restores you to your natural, peaceful state of conscious creation. You are empowered to intuitively attract and align with ideal people and opportunities; creating a more sustainable, thriving, fulfilling business – and life!

CLB currently resides in Washington DC and is pursuing her PhD in Metaphysics, specializing in Conscious-Centered Living and Theocentric Psychology.

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