Coach Barry Robinson
Dynamic Striking (BJJ Fanatics) Tutorials
Warrior Collective Tutorials
Film Studies for Dynamic Striking (BJJ Fanatics)
Tutorial Guide

1) AMSB fundamentals

- Agility

- Mastering the Pivot

- Ring Craft (Da Da Da)

- Controlling the Fight (Locche)

- Fighter drills (Galloping & Figure 8)


2) AMSB Advanced (building on the fundamentals)

- MMA Striking

- Rhythm Step 101

- Make the L-Step Great Again

- 240 Rounds of A Million Styles Boxing Drills


3) AMSB Playbook

- The A Millions Styles Boxing Playbook


4) AMSB Miscellaneous

- The Giga Step

- Reactive Mitts

- How to Punch Harder & Faster

- A Million Styles Boxing Combos



Barry Robinson has worked in fight camps with some of the world’s best fighters from a whole range of different martial arts/combat sports including the likes of Fedor Emileanenko, Gökhan Saki, Jose Aldo, Cris Cyborg, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, Artur Kyshenko, Dan Hooker, Lawrence Okolie and many more.

He is widely regarded as one of the highest level and most uniquely talented/experienced boxing for combat sports coaches in the world today. Founder of his own systemized approach to coaching, A Million Styles Boxing (AMSB), he has won fans globally for many years through his unparalleled ability to raise the fight IQ of his athletes through mastering ring craft.

Alongside his fight preparation and coaching, he is also truly outstanding at film study and fight/fighter breakdowns. This combination of skills puts him in demand the world over to take part in the training of champion athletes from Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.