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Thank you for stopping by. My work is dedicated to finding balance in our lives, equality within the events industry, and improving crowd safety for all. I do this through my work as a crowd safety consultant, conversations, speaking engagements, challenging status quo and sharing my own knowledge and experience through podcasts, articles and videos.


MURPHY-MORRIS is an events and crowd safety consultancy specialising in event transport and zone ex based on my background in these areas within major sport events, public events and festivals, over the last fifteen years.

Pilates with Íse

I share tips and short practices on Instagram and YouTube. Qualified as a Fletcher Pilates teacher, I teach this work to help others connect to their bodies as this is how I believe we become empowered. In my research I discovered that we can only live the lives we are designed to if we are in relatonship with ourselves and make decisions from our body. 


My first love is writing. When I am not developing articles on crowd safety, I write about personal development, Human Design and travel over on Substack.

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