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Please read thoroughly: Register for Summer Strength and Speed by viewing the flyer below. Clicking the registration link that's right in the flyer will take you directly to a checkout cart with the session pre-loaded (some times if your connection is slow it takes a little bit to redirect to the cart screen -which is often the case with the school-issued Chromebooks). All you'll need to do is checkout! If you've registered in the past please use the same email account you used before for MindBody (MindBody is the name of the system used for registration). For those who are new, creating an account is simple and quick. Families who have more than one athlete registering will need to create a SEPARATE ACCOUNT for each athlete. My recommendation is to use the student's ISD191 email since they all have them already anyway, but of course as parents/gaurdians you're free to use your own alternate email.
Discount opportunies are available for multi-athlete families. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Reach out to me individually if either of those situations apply to you.
**A LATE REGISTRATION FEE will be added after June 12th, and the discount promotions will no longer be valid. Lock-in your registration EARLY to make sure you get the session you want!
Contact me at aphousirith@isd191.org or anoulackphousirith@traininghaus.com 

Thank you for choosing me as your goto source for BLAZE SPORTS PERFORMANCE!