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Who we are and what we stand for ✨

" Yes, we cray cray.
We like it that way. "


We Are an Independent & Profitable Business - With Zero Debts To Investors

This is a rarity in the Tech world.

Profitable Business

How it started

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How it's going

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0 Dollars Ever Spent on Advertising

We have spent 0 dollars on Ads and still managed to become the second biggest linkinbio service in the world.

When we launched Lnk.Bio, we decided to prioritize product-quality spending over advertising spending. Yes, a big mad cray thing to do - we know! - but that's the magic of how we were able to grow so fast:

Unbeatable Product Quality + Right & Transparent Prices
Customer Trust + Brand Loyalty


The Highest-Quality & Cheapest Linkinbio Service

As the prices for products around the world have been rising due to inflation, Lnk.Bio continues to have the same prices as it did when it started back in 2016.

Highest-quality linkinbio

How are we able to offer the lowest prices on the link in bio market?

We don't answer to billionaires. We are an independent and private startup. We and Lnk.Bio users don't pay any extra cost to make billionaires wealthier. Lnk.Bio users only pay for the service and features of Lnk.Bio and NOTHING ELSE.

No Ads Cost + No Corporate Greed
Lowest Prices on the Linkinbio Market
Product Centric

Not Money-Centric

It's all about Y'ALL, our customers. We REALLY listen to your suggestions for feature developments and we deliver them regularly.

See the many, many suggestions sent to us over the years and every time we delivered. Take a look 👀


Thank you again for all your support and love.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

We have grown by leaps and bounds over just a few years because YOU, our customers, keep showing up for us and screaming how much you like Lnk.Bio.

You have been recommending Lnk.Bio to your friends, colleagues, and followers NONSTOP. Y'all got us blushing 😊🫠

Never sell Data

We NEVER sell your data

Our business is our product, not your data.

We NEVER sell any of your data, behaviour, and/or information to any third party.


We Are The Alternative To The Big Corporations

Without diversity and options in the tech industry, people are left with overpriced and poor experiences.

By staying private and independent, we have remained an affordable and high-quality alternative in the link in bio industry.

Alternative to big corporations

Our Cores


Black Owned Business


Woman Owned & Led



Diverse team

Menstrual Leave

Work-Life Balance

Independent Business

No Data Sold

No Corporate Greed

Free Pro for equity Activists

1,000,000+ Creators

The top creators and brands in the world use Lnk.Bio