📌 In order to facilitate the travelling industry’s growth in the real world and the expansion into the Metaverse, Hotelverse launched its first project: The Space Hotel.🌌

The Space Hotel is a 7 stars hotel in the Space, a #NFT Project with 2100 NFTs, only 100 GENESIS NFTs.

Holders of our NFTs will earn passive income through the activities inside the PLAZA, mainly from the 4 Hotelverse businesses available: The Space NightClub, The Space Casino, The Fashion Podium, The Art Gallery.

💰There's a multitude of ways to earn passive income in the Hotelverse.

Join us & find out!🚀

About us

Hotelverse is a web 3 project & digital ecosystem on the #ETH blockchain aiming to revolutionze the travelling industry📈

✅ Hotelverse will also make a Metaverse of thriving hotels accessible to a wide community of like minded people of all domains, from all around the world to meet up, discuss, get to know each other and have fun together or work towards achieving their goals.

Our Metaverse will provide an immersive experience for its members, will be a vibrant place with a lively community promoting financial and artistic freedom & will bring innovation and utility to both the digital world and the real world.


Revolutionizing the travelling industry