Lexxi Meshan feat. Big Doobie

🎉 Unleash the Southwest's Hottest Anthem: "Couple Goals" by Lexxi Meshan ft. Big Doobie! 🚀

~Official Music Video Dropping *December 17th! ~

🎶 We've got a certified banger headed your way that's set to ignite your airwaves – "Couple Goals" by Lexxi Meshan featuring Big Doobie!

🔥 Imagine a fun, fast-paced musical showdown about choosing where to chow down! From potential hilarious TikTok memes to settling the age-old question, "Cheesecake Factory or not?" – this track has it all!

🚀 The lyrics? A rollercoaster of emotions wrapped in a heated argument that turns into a wild ride of laughter. Lexxi Meshan and Big Doobie paint a vivid picture of love, conflict, and a resolution that'll leave your listeners grinning!

🌟 Why "Couple Goals"? 

It's the most creatively crafted tune from the southwest in decades, blending colorful lyrics with a beat that'll have everyone moving. But fear not, we've got a squeaky clean version for your airwaves! Ready to inject some southwest heat into your playlist? Hit play, and let's get "Couple Goals" rocking your station! We are now booking interviews! 

🗽 New York/🍎 Atlanta’s own,
Lexxi Meshan, a trailblazing hip-hop/rap recording artist and songwriter, emerged as a powerhouse from the vibrant landscape of Atlanta, Georgia, transcending her Long Island, New York roots. Her musical journey began in her youth, participating in choir and band activities, laying the groundwork for a career defined by innovation and resilience.

Breaking into the scene in 2011 with her inaugural cover song, "Here I am," Lexxi Meshan signaled her arrival with a distinctive approach that consciously sidestepped themes of violence and explicit content. Instead, she drew inspiration from personal experiences and real-life events, paving the way for her unique artistic expression.

The transformative release of "Parvenu" in 2012 marked a significant turning point, a powerful rendition of Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says," defiantly confronting those who doubted Lexxi during her hiatus.

This resilient spirit continued to fuel her creative endeavors, with demo albums like "The Repulse" (2013) and "The Empress of Rap" (2014), showcasing her versatility and dedication.

In 2015, Lexxi Meshan made a profound move by establishing Breonne Publishing Company, a platform that not only represents her as a composer but reflects her vision to nurture and publish diverse talents in the future.

The turning of the calendar to 2016 saw Lexxi unveil "The Pilot EP," a project that exemplified her commitment to originality, featuring 100% original beats, lyrics, and content.

This marked a milestone as the release received copyright and publication under her independent label.

Fast forward to the unforgettable year of 2020, Lexxi Meshan took advantage of the worldwide shutdown and released, "DGAF," a testament to her continued growth and prowess. Delving into the lyrical inspiration behind the track, Lexxi shared her emotional connection to the beat and the profound reminiscing of her life's journey. Standout bars like "Everybody’s got a past Look back, just laugh like, 'Damn girl you kidding me?'" reflect her introspective writing, unraveling her personal evolution.

Lexxi's commitment to empowering women in the male-dominated hip-hop scene is evident in her overlooked gem,

"Thick back then, now a lil bad bitty; and I still ain’t showing not nah titty…”

This line underscores her determination to challenge stereotypes and emphasize that talent supersedes objectification.

Rating her pen on "DGAF" as a resounding 10, Lexxi Meshan envisions a future marked by creativity, originality, and lyricism. Her narrative, seamlessly intertwined with her musical journey, serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists.

Beyond the studio, Lexxi Meshan's impact extends to her entrepreneurial ventures. As the CEO of LM The Brand©, a clothing line promoting "Living More, Laughing More, and Loving More," she exemplifies the multifaceted nature of a true boss chick. Simultaneously, she curates the dynamic hip-hop and rap battles, "MESHAN MADNESS," and has expanded her performance footprint to different states, solidifying her presence in the industry.

With the new hit "Couple Goals" now budding, and more singles set to release in late winter 2023, Lexxi Meshan, the entrepreneur, artist, and CEO, is poised to claim her stake in the entire 2020s decade, embodying the spirit of a resilient, innovative, and influential force in the hip-hop landscape.

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