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Hi! Welcome!  I'm Shateka and I primarily help small business owners and career professionals (military) retire with a lifetime tax-free retirement income stream.  They will never run out of money in retirement like the traditional accounts are destined for.  They will never have to worry about losing money in their accounts because these accounts are safe havens.  They will have access to a medical emergency fund in the event they face medical challenges during retirement, like most do.  Instead of liquidating their retirement accounts and becoming bankrupt as a result of unplanned medical challenges, they'll be well prepared.  Most importantly, their account will continue to compound like the wealthy 1%. 

Who do you know can use our services???  We pay a marketing fee so ask us how you could become one of our silent, strategic partners.  It's time to start winning in retirement!

We ultimately help people retire before they expire so if that's you, we're the ones you hire!  We operate in all states. 

Here's a little more about my background...

Shateka Husser is a combat veteran and previous Army officer, international best-selling author, real estate investor, retirement specialist and financial planner.  Known for her Winning In Wealth show and Generational Wealth Symposium, Shateka's vision is to see more people break the cycle of poverty and experience abundance.  

Shateka is the founder of Shateka Husser Enterprise (SHE) Inspires and Husser Financial Solutions.  These firms provide a conglomeration of services to ensure all soar higher spiritually, financially, and professionally while sustaining great mental health, emotional intelligence, and maximum purpose!  

Out of the loss of youthful, hardworking friends, Shateka created the slogan "Retire Before You Expire" coupled with her RetireMeIn3 system in an effort to see more people achieve retirement at the earliest possible age.  She believes retirement is not an age but an income and is on a mission to help veterans and civilians understand the framework of it.

Behind the scenes and most importantly, she's a woman of faith, interceeding for people.  She's born to lead but driven to serve.


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