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What is Unboxing Women?

Unboxing Women, led by Dana Rexx and Maika Rose, two professional female musicians, explores how women are perceived, especially in the music industry. Their goal is to open a discourse about the topic of marginalisation, by interviewing women in the business, as well as delving deeper into related issues.

Across the globe, women share similar experiences of being labelled, especially when they present themselves as strong, individual people.  Most are even called a bitch at one point or other, whereas these attributes in a male would mark him as an “alpha male”, a person with whom one simply has to learn to live and work with. 

Having recognised this incongruous phenomenon, Dana Rexx and Maika Rose instead decided to issue a statement. If being a knowledgable, assertive woman means that they are a bitch, then they are #suchabitch.

Join Maika Rose and Dana Rexx as they unbox women, showing you just how much a bitch can do.