Alexandre-Marie is a Haitian-American 🇭🇹Buddhist☸ single mom who is dedicated to her two children.

She is also, a Behavioral Cognitive Therapist, Behavioral Consultant, CERT Cognitive Therapy Life Coach, CERT Mindful Life Coach Practitioner, CERT Weight Loss Coach, Philanthropist,

Serial Entrepreneur- Owner/Founder/CEO of "Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC & "Lots of Laughs Child Services", Holistic Aromatherapist, Transcendental Meditation Practitioner🧘🏾‍♀️, and Wellness Coach and Life Changer with Total Life Changes in addition she is the Podcast Host of "Shoot the Breeze with AlexandreMarie".


Shoot the Breeze with Alexandre-Marie is an Internationally Played podcast show that is streamed and listened on across 25+ major podcast & music streaming platforms, in 50 countries and in 6 continents.


On the show Alexandre-Marie disscusses current events, sheds light on Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness by sharing personal life experiences. She also gives fellow entrepreneurs, artists, and other members of the Black community a space to share their stories, inspire, motivate, speak on Black culture, and what's affecting the Black community.


Tune in every other Tuesday at 7 pm for new episodes.

Podcast available on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, heart radioAmazon Music, and many more top Podcast platforms. Look through the links, find your favorite podcasts host/platform below and listen 

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