Istanbul based indie folk band BAHR, released its first single Papillon from their upcoming album Cursed Home. Their new single features London based musician Glasxs (Melis Uslu) on vocals with BAHR’s Yusuf Bahar. Ceren Bettemir is on bass, Nihal Saruhanl覺 is on drums, percussion and synths. Hamburg based young musician Mercan Demirkanl覺 is on flute. Slightly different from their first album, BAHR creates a more acoustic and calmer sound with Papillon. Together with their music, they’re also releasing a music video created by Hazal Bayar where the nostalgic story and melancholic sound of the Papillon meets old footage from artists’ lives, mostly childhood. In the wake of our daily metamorphoses, Papillon is a song that reflects on the journey of a child who desperately watches their vanishing high expectations. While seeking refuge in chosen families and the broken relationships that we forcefully create in the hope of reconciliation, the butterfly is surprised to see that the cycle doesn’t end with great achievements and success but with acceptance and letting yourself go. Papillon is not a sad song. The butterfly is beautiful. 

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