When It Started

My deviance started when I was 5 years old when I wanted to sniff ass for the first time and I forced my friend to sit on my face with her bare ass. I intensely sniffed that unwashed ass smell and it smelled really great. It has stuck in my mind ever since. At the older age of about 13, I started to discover that I also liked boys' feet. I wanted them on my face for a nice long time. Smelly, unwashed, and for the sweat from them to soak into my face. In my 20s, I found myself fascinated by scat after seeing a video where a bound Japanese woman had a toilet hose inserted into her mouth. All the shit was flowing straight into her mouth. Some of the practices started to fascinate me so much that I wanted to try them. Sex never amused me. Later I found out that I wasn't into classic foot play or rimming either. I just have to be an object. No sexual interest in me.

What I'm looking for

  • looking for a couple or a household with multiple people to objectify me. I would like to be used as an object without sex, tied up. No sex
  • Smelly feet or unwashed butts sat on my face, or you could copulate on my face. I can also be like a human bidet and lick unwashed feet, ass or clean you after sex. I want to have various unwashed body parts on my face for hours and suffer through it.
  • I would like to be used as human bidet for couple/family/group or to be tied up and stuffed in a basket of dirty laundry or in a pile of used condoms and napkins. 
  • used to clean the ass after shit, eat cut nails, clean your nose in my mouth, eat hair after shaving, eat spits, lick pus from acne...

for me, the ideal idea is to be something where I have to clean bodies from sweat, stench and the like.  consume a certain amount of human waste.  piss, hair, acne, nails, ass after shit, semen, snot, ... for what you would use a bidet or napkin, you use me...

make my life uncomfortable with human odor and waste.


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My ideal scenario

My ideal scenario is to move to a new country or home where I go through the process of turning into an object. I have always been fascinated by passive aggression or passive violence. My dream is not to suffer in great physical pain but rather to suffer psychologically with what is happening to me. Therefore, if my new owners welcome me as a friend, however, they will gradually turn me into a part of the household. It would start with adding semen to my food, spitting in my food, obligatory drinking of urine instead of drink. It would continue with compulsory ass licking after shitting and gradually other nastiness would be added and the intensity would increase. My humanity would decline. I would be gradually converted into a bio container. All with the understanding that it would be fun for you, maybe an experiment... Eventually I would be forced to record a video where I would say I want this to happen to me and I want to have to consume human bio-waste, lick asses, etc. Eventually I would end up as a total loser where no one will interact with me they will just use me. Sleep overnight locked in a cell somewhere, in the morning pulled into a box with my head sticking out of it. During the day my face will be put on unwashed, buttocks, feet, ...everything that will need to be cleaned. I'll have to consume urine, taste shit, you'll give me blended hair, nails, saliva as a form of protein drinks. In the evening, you'll invite friends over where even those who didn't want to will contribute their fluids or have their ass licked after shitting. 

Crying won't help me because the video I uploaded will convince even the good guys that they should do it and I deserve it. And that will be the greatest suffering for me. If even the good guys end up using me just to make it fun. You know it's not a person, it's an object so contribute urine or semen to it, let it go in the bio bin! While you guys are having fun all day I'll just be devouring human fluids and waste, cleaning feet and asses of dirt like some kind of machine, with no pity for me. If I don't work properly, I can have a remote-controlled electrician on my penis and I'll get electrocuted if I don't work like I'm supposed to. I believe that I will find people who also use the head and will want to keep the bio-container running for a long time and will not decide to destroy it in one day with a huge amount of bio-residue, but if they see that the bio-container is full they will use it the next day to prolong its functionality. I am looking for a location where they will use me but will also take care of me so that I will function for a long time. I know that this is an unusual deviation and I can hardly find my destiny. If you really want me contact me via the form below. But only if you have the means to make it happen. If not you can help me by contributing a financial amount. I have a plan B and there are people who are willing to do it for money. Unfortunately, I don't have $100,000 to turn myself into an organic container. Big donors could also participate in following my destiny. But it's not about raising money. I just want to fulfill my destiny.

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