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✨ C.L. Cannon is a USA Today Bestselling Author ✒️ publisher 📚 marketer 📢 editor🩸designer 🖥️ & lots of other occupations with the -er sounds at the end! She is a woman with many talents who never gives up or stops improving. She enjoys writing about love & friendship. She loves it even more when she can add Fantasy & Sci-fi aspects to those themes! Visit her website for more content, including book reviews, new release announcements, and weekly giveaways!✨

Her publishing company Fiction-Atlas Press releases two  ⚔️ Fantasy & 🛸 Scifi multi-author anthologies every year. One is always for charity. Open calls can be found here.

✨Fiction-Atlas also offers a variety of services opportunities for ✒️ Authors & 📚 Readers! ✨

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