French-Russian experimental multidisciplinary versatile artist, classical pianist, audiovisual composer, digital creator, teacher, music & artistic journalist, blogger.

A Parisian of Moscow origin, Elena Ganchikova is a versatile experimental multidisciplinary artist.

She works in the techniques of drawing and painting, assemblage, collage, instrumental and electroacoustic musical composition, video editing and mixing, installation and performance. Elena creates her own harmonious space from of sounds, shapes, colors and aromas, serving as a refuge for the listener and viewer from the anxieties, worries and traumas of today's outside world.

The synthesis of the arts is the family atmosphere in which she spent her childhood among artists of different professions, her multifaceted education, which she received from early childhood, those creative experiences in different types of art, which she's been doing for as long as she can remember. The artist is always open to learning and to new research and experiences.

The musician and artist believes that the purpose of designing her artwork is to create a harmonious and luminous oasis a refuge to find peace of mind and light, as opposed to evil and horror. And the more terrible the political news of today, the more important it is to create a counterweight to them.

In her works she combines her own music and painting, photographs and paintings of her father and piano music from the classical and romantic repertoire in her own performance.

Elena Ganchikova is engaged in research and experimental creation in the artistic synthesis of musical, sound and visual arts, mastering both traditional academic techniques and the latest digital technologies. The result is a unique fusion that addresses all channels of human perception.

You can buy her paintings and derivative products separately, view her video works, and listen to her music separately, but the fullest picture of her work can be obtained from her performances in the space of her installations, in which she unites all forms of art into a single whole.

Of course, Elena is engaged in teaching, imparting her experience, knowledge and skills to her students.

For many years, Elena has been working as a music and arts journalist and critic, never missing a single interesting Parisian cultural event or a theater, opera and concert premiere, publishing detailed reports and analyzes of what happened, both in the form of an article for the press and in the form of video reports.

She believes it is very important to always be aware of all cultural news and trends and to learn from her colleagues.

As an heiress, Elena Ganchikova is engaged in the promotion and dissemination of the artistic heritage of her late father 
Valery Gantchikov (Ganchikov) (1937-2015) artist-painter, photograph, engineer-architect, doctor of technical sciences.

Born in Moscow on February 18, 1937. Died in Paris in 2015 

1944-1951 studying painting and drawing, aesthetics and art history at the Surikov School of Fine Arts in Moscow.
Player of the national youth decathlon team of the Soviet Union, he won many competitions.
Obtains the scientific baccalaureate with a gold medal.
1952- 1954 National Institutes of Cinematography in Moscow.
Specialization in operator, photographer and printer.
1954- 1959 Higher Institute in architecture and construction engineering. Moscow
"Honored Inventor of the Soviet Union".
1989 Doctor of technical sciences.
1972- 1992 chief engineer of hydrotechnical projects in USSR, Cuba, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen.
1992- 2014 journalist-photograph for various Russian media in Paris.
Throughout his life, Valery Ganchikov constantly photographed, painted in ink, watercolor, oil and acrylic. His artworks are constantly exhibited.