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Light'in Agora' is a physical and virtual hub for the lighting industry and general public to experience and communicate “light”.  


7.00 PM  17 April 2023  Private Opening

For information and invitation get in touch with the curators!

5.00 PM  18 April 2023  The power of Light

A workshop (in Italian) dedicated to children: a call to little superheroes who want to discover the magic of light. Curated together with “the architect for children” Linda Poletti, will spend an hour together with a full class of primary school, experimenting with colour and shadows.

7.00 PM  18 April 2023  Illumina-mente - Inclusivity in light design

On the tenth anniversary of the Italian Lighting Design promotion group, our "Illumina-mente" event will be held live, not only live streamed. The ILD co-founders Chiara Carucci and Giacomo Rossi will engage Giorgia Brusemini and Martina Frattura in a panel discussion about "Inclusivity in lighting and design". In order to celebrate our Italian community, the event will be held in Italian, however, the panel will be followed by a gathering for the Italian and International Lighting Designers, as well as the general public. 
Follow online here if you can't join us in person!

5.00 PM  19 April 2023  The built environments of the future

We continue on Wednesday 19 with "the whole truth about control systems" thanks to our platinum sponsor Helvar, which offers us a moment of insight and exchange on management systems and some practical examples to evaluate together.

7.00 PM  19 April 2023  Find your Light - Building Awareness and Equal Opportunities for Education and Careers in Lighting

The importance of creating opportunities for lighting professionals is undeniable. It all starts with education; not just for those who have chosen lighting as a career path, but for all. Education needs to begin much earlier, creating an awareness of the importance of light, and the industry that supports it.

Join this LIRC member meeting and Panel discussion featuring Andrea Hartranft, FIALD, President-Elect, USA; Dean Skira, IALD, Croatia; Paul Ehlert, IALD, Switzerland; Surbhi Jindal, Associate IALD, India; moderated by Martina Frattura, Jr. IALD, and Chiara Carucci, IALD Associate, LIRC Steering Committee.  

This event will be followed by an in person gathering for the entire lighting community.
Please register here, aslo for following the event online if you cannot join us in person!

4.00 PM  20 April 2023  Beauty is function 

A talk between us curators around the topic of applied aesthetics and its evolutions in modern design. We invite the whole audience of the #Salone23 to watch a short documentary, produced by The Beauty Movement, to re-evaluate the importance of beauty and its cross effects

5.00 PM  20 April 2023  The strategic business

Our gold sponsor Formalighting,on the day dedicated to Women in Lighting, shares its experience as a company open to challenges.

7.00 PM  20 April 2023  Embrace Equity: let's talk about concrete actions with Women in Lighting

The curators and WIL Italy invite you to the panel discussion and gathering "Women in Lighting". The aim of this evening is to celebrate Italian best practices and facilitate a conversation with the Women in Lighting network, through the Ambassadors representing WIL in other nations. 

Starting with a reflection by Italian Ambassador Giorgia Brusemini, who will talk about how her approach to the profession has changed since she took on this role, a panel moderated by Helen Ankers of Arc Media will follow.

Five countries will be represented in the panel, by: Sabine De Shutter, Ambassador in Germany; Claudia Paz, Ambassador in Perù; Surbhi Jindal,  Ambassador in India; Francesca Feltrin, Ambassador in Switzerland; Olga Tuzova, Ambassador in Russia.
The event, which will also be live streamed here, will be followed by an in person gathering for the entire lighting industry.