Quick update to let everyone know about a few minor improvements we made to Lnk.Bio

1. Larger Profile Pictures

It's now possible to increase the size of your Profile Picture up to 150px. We call this new size "largest". To test it, head over to the Style section, click on your Profile Picture, and then change its size as shown below.

2. Higher upload limits for the Social Media Scheduler

This is specifically for our UNIQUE users who employ the Social Media Scheduler to plan their Instagram/TikTok posts. 

Upload limit for videos has been increased to 100MB (from 50MB) allowing for longer and higher-quality uploads.

3. Video Block updated to support reels

While the new Embed Block already supported IG Reels, the Video block did not. As to be sure that both features allowed the same output, we updated the Video Block to support IG Reels as well