Linkinbio pages are getting a lot of traction on Social Media as they allow for a quick way to consolidate your online presence across multiple profiles and drive better conversion to all your channels. However, they add a new step and a new task to your daily operations, as you need to keep your linkinbio page up-to-date with basically everything you do on all your channels.

With IFTTT and Lnk.Bio you can automate content creation on your linkinbio profile so that it’s synced with all your activity on other platforms, is always up-to-date, and you don’t need to perform any extra tasks.

Here are 5 ways in which you can connect & automate your Lnk.Bio experience with IFTTT applets:

1. Sync your blog with your Lnk.Bio profile

Whether you use Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, or Medium, it literally takes one click to automatically publish one Lnk for each new article you publish. 

Lnks in your Lnk.Bio profile  can also contain the featured image of your blog post to increase CTR and maintain a consistent user experience between your blog and your linkinbio page.

Extra Tip: you can use a grid layout on your linkinbio page to feature automatically-synced articles more prominently and increase engagement.

2. Bring your automated scheduling on your linkinbio too

If you already use a scheduling platform like Buffer for your Social Media posts, you can directly integrate it with Lnk.Bio.

One single automation (e.g. schedule a post on Facebook) can trigger the creation of a Lnk on your linkinbio profile too.

This means that you’ve performed one single operation - scheduling on Buffer - but you are not only posting on the socials, you’re also keeping your linkinbio page up-to-date and perfectly in sync.

While you can cross-post manually, it will never be as fast and precise as publishing all your content on all your socials and your linkinbio at exactly the same time. No work on the weekends is always a plus!

3. Promote each of your paywall/premium posts on Lnk.Bio

Using a service like Patreon is a great way for creators to monetize their content. With IFTTT you can easily post on your Lnk.Bio page a direct Lnk to any new post you’ve published on Patreon.

This way you can keep your linkinbio always relevant, show a preview of what you’ve posted on Patreon, and drive more users to subscribe to your paid channel. 

While it’s great to show a fixed icon or button that says you have a Patreon profile, showing a snippet of what you actually publish, as soon as you publish it, will generate more engagement with your audience and more conversions from paid subscribers.

4. All your Social Media content

This is probably the most common scenario: you already spend a lot of time creating your social media content and then more time to cross-post it on your linkinbio page too.

It doesn’t matter if you publish your content on your Facebook Page, Twitter, or Twitch, just use the IFTTT Applet to publish on your Lnk.Bio page as soon as your content goes live on any of your socials.

✨ Little tip: if you have many social media accounts and you want to keep your Lnk.Bio page nice and clean, you can organise your Lnks under Groups, one group for each account. You can also use collapsible groups to keep everything “snatched”: all your Lnks visible without the need of scrolling down. 

5. Sync with a custom integration via RSS feed

If you’re trying to automate your publishing process with a source that doesn’t yet have an official service on IFTTT, chances are your app will offer an RSS feed.

If your RSS feed supports images, they will be imported as thumbnails into your Lnk.Bio page too.

You can also use RSS collectors, like RSS Ground or Feedly to combine multiple sources, create filters, and overall have more control over which content gets published on your linkinbio page.


Keeping a linkinbio page shouldn’t create a lot of overhead to you or your team. You already have all the content on your social media, blogs, or custom apps and you just need to automate the publishing process. With the duo IFTTT and Lnk.Bio you can achieve the perfect automation to keep your linkinbio page always updated without any extra effort.