The Newsletter integrations are not the only ones that have seen incredible growth in the past few months; Lnk.Bio integrations have experienced explosive expansion, occupying the entire space of the side menu. Consequently, today is redesign day!

We've rolled out a small update that simplifies the Integrations menu. Instead of presenting a lengthy list, we now showcase the three integrations that are most frequently used daily: TikTok sync, Instagram sync, and Instagram scheduler.

Following these main three entries, we've introduced a new menu option called "All Integrations."



This new voice leads to  to the revamped integrations page, where all the Lnk.Bio integrations are organized by category.

This should make it much easier to find and connect to all the apps and services we support and plan to add in the next few months.

If we're still missing a service, suggest that we add it here.