On the go, at a meeting, or at a conference and need to quickly share your Lnk.Bio URL to connect with people?

Add a Wallet pass with your Lnk.Bio QR code to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet! It will always be ready to quickly share with anyone you want. On your iPhone, simply double-tap the power button to bring up your Lnk.Bio QR code alongside your other passes, ready to be scanned.

It’s super convenient, super fast, and let’s be honest, super cool! It's like having a digital business card always on your phone.

To get started, head over to Tools => Wallet Pass and add your Lnk.Bio pass to your preferred wallet. Then, when you need it, open your Wallet with your favorite shortcut and let people scan your Lnk.Bio QR code.

Why Use Lnk.Bio Wallet Pass?

  • Enhance Networking: Quickly share your professional details without fumbling for business cards.
  • Stay Professional: Present a tech-savvy image that shows you’re up-to-date with the latest tools.
  • Be Ready Anywhere: Your digital business card is always at your fingertips.