Get your visitors to interact directly via chat and engage them in realtime while they're visiting your Lnk.Bio page with our new Tidio integration.

Starting today, you can easily integrate your Tidio live chat and ai chatbot into your Lnk.Bio pages with a simple embed feature.

To get started, head over to the Style section, click/tap on Add Block, then choose Embed, and finally select Tidio.

Copy your Tidio Script from your Tidio account, and it's done! The Tidio messenger will appear for all your visitors, and they can immediately open a chat or support request with you. The Tidio embed is only available to users with the UNIQUE plan.

Do note that it doesn't matter in which position you add the Embed; it will always appear in the bottom-right corner of your page.

This development was added to our roadmap thanks to your awesome suggestions. If you'd like to see more integrations, always feel free to suggest them here.