After months of development and collaboration with our community, we are super proud to unveil the Lnk.Bio Booking Calendar add-on, which is the most-cost effective booking solution on the market.

The Booking Calendar is a complete booking platform that seamlessly integrates with your Lnk.Bio's page and style. No more visually-ugly integrations with other booking platforms.

By using the Booking Calendar, you can easily receive and manage bookings for appointments, meetings, and group events. You won't need a separate platform to set up appointments with your visitors as everything can be done from your Lnk.Bio page.

The Booking Calendar is an add-on that doesn't require an existing plan: free and paid users can just purchase the Booking Calendar as an addition to their existing plan for only $4/month (or $40/year).

We want to thank everyone who provided suggestions to ensure that this release included the most useful scenarios for your booking needs.

We will continue to implement your suggestions, so if you see anything that can be improved even more, let us know ✨

Happy weekend everyone 🏝️