Native Carousels have just landed on Lnk.Bio, adding a whole new layer of engagement with your audience!

You can now add multiple images for each of your links, each accompanied by its own title and destination. This setup is presented as a carousel to users clicking on your Lnk, offering more choices and enhancing visibility of attributes, variations, etc.

A typical example is for creators using Lnk.Bio to promote their eCommerce site. Suppose you have a single product available in multiple colors. Rather than adding each color as a separate link in your grid, you add one single link. When it opens, it displays all available colors as a carousel of images, allowing the user to select the variation they prefer and be redirected directly to it.

All of this happens without ever leaving Lnk.Bio, with no page refresh, ensuring a smooth experience on mobile, immediate goal attainment, and hopefully increased conversion rate.

This feature is reserved for users with the UNIQUE plan, as it involves uploading more high-resolution images to the page.

To get started, head over to the Lnks section, click/tap on an existing link, select Show Advanced, and then choose Carousel. Add your images, titles, and links, and you're all set. Enjoy your new carousel!