The Suggestions section is a key component of the Lnk.Bio ecosystem. It's not just a page to receive feedback on what we can improve; it's one of the most important factors affecting our Roadmap in terms of upgrades, improvements, and brand-new developments.

To give you an idea of the numbers, we currently have 331 active developments based on your suggestions, and we've already released 1,116 updates based on these suggestions.

The top suggestions (the ones with the most likes from the community) are the ones we focus on the most. However, we understand that new suggestions might have been overlooked or given low priority due to their position. It doesn't always mean they are less interesting or less useful for the community. It's just that there are so many that people might not see the new ones, and hence they remain with very few votes.

For all the above reasons, we've decided to give more focus to new suggestions, so they can have a higher chance to become top suggestions and not just get low priority.

The suggestions page has been split into 3 categories: New, Top, Implemented. The New section contains the most recent suggestions and is the one selected by default, giving new suggestions higher visibility. The Top and Implemented sections remain exactly as they were before.

We hope this change can democratize the way suggestions are voted on and bring more focus to our Roadmap based on your super precious feedback.

We take this opportunity to thank our community once more for being so active and proactive in how we can make Lnk.Bio better for everyone.