Astrology influencers need a quick way to connect with their followers in order to provide their services to the widest possible audience.

An optimized link in bio page ensures that you can offer readings, calls, ebooks, all in one place, while at the same time keeping in touch with contact forms and newsletter.

For a quick overview, check out the video at the bottom of the article. Otherwise, here's how to create the perfect linkinbio for Astrologers:

Socials to connect

Make sure your visitors can reach you across all your social media: cross-link all your profiles across any social media where you have a presence that is kept up-to-date.

The easiest and most-common solution is to add all your social media accounts as icons at the top or bottom of your linkinbio profiles. Lnk.Bio has the largest collection of Social Icons already integrated for your profile, with more than 3000 services available. See how to add your icons to your link in bio page.

Embed podcast

Many astrologers are using podcasts as a way to share their knowledge and retain engagement with their audience.

Adding your latest episode directly as a playable embed in your linkinbio page ensures that social media connections coming from Instagram or TikTok have immediate access to your content, can play it quickly, and then subscribe to your podcast for future interactions.

Lnk.Bio offers automated embedding for the most-used podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many many others. Make sure you read how to embed your podcast on your Lnk.Bio profile.

Astrology blog posts

If you have a blog, feature the last 2 or 4 articles in your linkinbio page. This shows great, relevant content to your audience and increases the chances to drive conversions outside of social media.

Lnk.Bio offers several integrations so that you don't need to manually add your posts, but you can instead automatically import them. For example, you can easily import your Wordpress posts, or even Blogger via Make or IFTTT.

Astrology books for sale

Have you published books, or researches, or whitepapers on Astrology? Take advantage of the possibility of directly selling them as downloadable ebooks or PDFs  from your linkinbio profile.

Being able to sell your downloadable content directly from your page cuts down the steps required to your users to buy and thus increases your conversion rate dramatically. 

The Lnk.Bio shop feature does exactly that, you can set it up via Stripe and/or PayPal and you can start to immediately sell your downloadable content. 

Affiliate Lnks

Affiliate links are a great way to earn as an astrologer on Social Media. You can promote external services that offer horoscopes, readings, tarots, or even crystal and other accessories.

You should ensure to only endorse products you really believe in and feature them in your posts so that when people see them featured in your link in bio page, they're already familiar with them and will trust your suggestion.

Contact form for collaboration enquiries

Having followers is good, but when it comes to growing, leads are where the game is. So adding a contact form can help you quickly convert visitors into collaborations. 

Lnk.Bio offers a fully integrated contact form that blends with your page seamlessly, imports your color scheme and wallpaper and increases your conversion rate.

You can start generating leads for your parenting content in 3 easy steps for your link in bio page, check it out.


To keep your audience engaged, a Newsletter is a must-have for all Astrology influencers. You can keep them updated with news, general reading, while building loyalty.

A Newsletter form directly on your linkinbio page enhances your chances that users will subscribe. The Lnk.Bio newsletter module not only integrates perfectly in your page maintaining the same colors, fonts, and style of the other elements, but it also allows you to automatically sync your leads to your preferred sending platform, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, GetResponse, and many others.