Ecommerce and linkinbio pages go hand in hand: an optimised link in bio page can gratly improve conversions of your social media visitors into paying customer for your Store. 

However, mirroring your whole store into your linkinbio page can be very time consuming, especially if your product catelogue is extensive. And it might lead to duplicating your daily tasks: every time that you add a new product on your ecommerce, you need to add it to your link in bio page as well. Ain't nobody got time for that!

To solve all this, Lnk.Bio is pushing to offer as many integrations as possible, and Today we unveil our latest automation for Shopify. Shopify is one of the top-used ecommerce platforms worldwide and many Lnk.Bio users also rely on Shopify for their store management. 

Starting today, you can automate and sync your Shopify store with your Lnk.Bio page. With just a few clicks you can:

  • Mass import all your existing Shopify products as Lnks in your Lnk.Bio profile;
  • Automatically sync new Shopify products to Lnk.Bio: every time you go live with a new product on Shopify, a Lnk will be created automatically in your linkinbio page;
  • Manual import some chosen products from Shopify to Lnk.Bio, so that you can only pick relevant/top ones.

The Shopify integration is available for free for all Lnk.Bio users. Try it out today!

If you have suggestions on how to make this (or other) integrations more relevant for you, please tell us here.