Passkeys are quickly becoming the new security standard for websites and apps.

Google and Apple are both pushing Passkeys on Android and iOS, and laptops also got Passkey support via browser (e.g. Chrome). Passkey are much more secure than passwords, and allow for a better management of your credentials, being stored directly in your devices and secured with your biometric sensors (fingerprint, face recognition, etc).

Today Lnk.Bio unveils initial support for Passkeys when you log in via browser (mobile apps support coming soon!).

To set up your first Passkey, head over to your account settings and select Passkeys as shown below.

Your browser will prompt you to create a new Passkey and verify with your preferred biometric sensor.

Once done, you'll be able to use your Passkey the next time you log in instead of using username+password.

Furthermore, Passkeys don't require 2FA, so if you have 2FA enabled in your account you won't need to enter your 2FA code if you use a Passkey to log in.

If you have questions about Passkeys, get in touch.