The Meta Conversion API is now integrated into Lnk.Bio, allowing marketers, especially those running Meta Ads, to integrate server-to-server data for their conversion tracking.

This initial release focuses on pageviews (an event called ViewContent in the Conversion API), which is the most widely present activity on Lnk.Bio pages. This event triggers both for your own page (when people visit your Lnk.Bio profile) and for your links (when visitors click on any of your links).

We will expand the integration by adding other standard events on advanced Lnk.Bio components:

  • Lead Generation on the Contact Form and Newsletter Form
  • Sale on the Shop

We are also evaluating the possibility of assigning custom events to specific links.

If you have ideas on how we can make the Meta Conversion API even more useful for your specific use case, please let us know on the suggestions page or by chatting with our team in the support chat.