The creators' community is always exploring fresh ways to monetize their incredible content, and Lnk.Bio has been dedicated to offering diverse earning opportunities from the start. We began by facilitating the publication of affiliate links, evolved to enable commission-free donations, introduced the ability to open your own shop, and integrated a paid booking calendar. Now, we're taking the next step.

Lnk.Bio wants to connect our thriving community of 850,000 creators with brands and agencies interested in advertising on your pages, providing you with the chance to monetize through a revenue-per-click model.

Ads seamlessly integrate into your page without compromising your aesthetic. You have the freedom to select the categories of advertisers allowed to display ads on your page and can choose where to display the ads. We also guarantee a non-invasive experience—no popups, popunders, layers, etc. Only plain links.

Our goal is to provide creators with a clean, controlled method to add a new revenue stream and monetize the traffic you generate on your Lnk.Bio page.

Currently in the beta phase, we're testing ads with a select group of partners and creators.

If you're interested, express your interest via this form, and we'll reach out once opportunities arise for your industry.

Rest assured, our commitment to not sharing your data remains steadfast. The service is opt-in only, giving you full control over whether you display ads on your page. Even after opting in, we show ads without cookies and never share any data about your visitors with advertisers. You retain complete control of your traffic and data, adding a new revenue stream with confidence.

For advertisers, find more information here.