More pages, less problems!

We're thrilled to introduce a major revamp to our pages management feature on Lnk.Bio – more pages, more convenience, and greater customization options!

For avoidance of doubt, when we say "pages" we refer to different swipes/slides on the same Lnk.Bio profile.

More Pages for Everyone!

Previously, all plans could only manage 2 pages, with an additional one dedicated only to Social Causes. Now each plan has more pages:

  • Free: 3 pages (all customisable)
  • Mini: 5 pages
  • Unique: 10 pages

Custom names, icons, and content preview

You can now add a name to identify each page in your profile. You can also assign a custom icon to each page to quickly identify them. Furthermore, right below the page name, we show a short preview of which blocks have been added to that particular page. 

Overall it's much easier to identify your various pages.

Sort those pages!

We also introduced a quick drag&drop option to resort/reorder your pages.

Social Causes as a block

Social Causes no longer require a dedicated page. They can be added to any page from the Style section, doing Add Block => Causes.

Ready to Get Started?

You can already start adding new pages or manage your existing ones from Style => Manage Pages