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Gamers constitute one of the fastest-growing and highest-earning niches among content creators. Their streams on Twitch and other platforms attract millions of viewers, boasting some of the highest conversion rates on sales. A robust, well-structured linkinbio page is essential for gaming influencers aiming to convert viewers into fans and customers.

Here are seven key components that your link in bio page must include if you're a gaming content creator:

1. Socials to Connect

Ensure you list all your social media profiles. Even if your focus is on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, provide people the option to reach you everywhere. They might prefer shorter videos on TikTok and Instagram or reading about you on Twitter.

In essence, offer them the choice to follow you across all platforms. The most effective way to cross-link your social media channels is by adding official icons at the top of your link in bio page, just below the profile picture. 

Using Lnk.Bio, you can access access over 2400 ready-made icons for all the social networks you want to link.

But icons are not just about socials and links; they should also be used to share your Gamer Tags on platforms that don't support direct linking. For example, you can have an icon display your Xbox, Playstation, Epic, Ubisoft, Bethesda, etc., Gamer Tag, allowing your fans to copy it and follow you on that specific platform.

2. Embed Gameplay video

This probably doesn't require much explanation: you must showcase your video content as prominently as possible on your link in bio page. Embedding your latest or most epic gameplay video will immediately highlight what you're capable of and ensure great fan retention, regardless of the social media platform they found you on.

Always keep the video updated so that people know, when they visit your linkinbio, they will get the freshest content.

If you use YouTube, you can enable the auto-update feature of Lnk.Bio to keep it updated automatically.

3. Direct donations from fans

Regardless of whether you have 10 followers or 10 million, fans are the engine that keeps your content creation running. Allow your fans to contribute through direct donations by embedding a support box in your link in bio page.

This provides them with the option to express their appreciation through their preferred payment methods like PayPal, Venmo,, and others. And Lnk.Bio keeps zero, zip, zilch, nada. It all goes to you.

4. Gaming Podcast

To those outside the gaming world, it might sound strange, but gaming podcasts are on the rise—and what a rise it is.  While video streaming remains the most-used medium of promotion, gaming podcasts provide a wider audience that may be unable to watch a video but can listen to news, tactics, tips, reviews, and much more.

You should definitely link to your gaming podcast from your link in bio page. At the same time, embed your latest episode directly on the page. A quick listen can hook your audience and attract more subscribers immediately.

5. Link to older videos

While your latest content should be prominently featured to maintain engagement with your existing audience, it's beneficial to provide a history of your past content for those who just discovered your link in bio page.

Setting up a Grid layout if the perfect way to showcase dozens of your past videos in a visually engaging manner. This layout immediately features both the visual content and the title of the video, thus directing your audience to your main video platform.

6. Audio files for sale

Don't forget to sell your custom products to boost your revenues. Many gamers sell audio files, such as custom sounds for games or ringtones. 

Even if you have a fully-fledged ecommerce elsewhere, selling directly on your link in bio page provides the best conversion rate. Your followers can make a couple of taps, pay, and receive their custom audio pack immediately without creating accounts or going through a lengthy cart experience.

Use the Lnk.Bio shop to sell your audio files directly from your gaming link in bio page.

7. Affiliate Lnks

Finally, feature all the affilate links you personally endorse: gaming/pc equipment, chairs/desks, game discounts: everything that you really believe in.

Especially highlight products you showcased in your videos to increase conversions, sales, and your revenues.