Today, we're excited to unveil a significant update to the account creation process within our multi-account/agency panel.

For those unfamiliar, our multi-account feature allows you to manage numerous Lnk.Bio profiles from a single login. This is particularly beneficial for agencies managing talent or brands, multi-country brands, or multi-brand corporations. You can find more information about our multi-account plans here.

The revamped process introduces several enhancements from a UI/UX perspective, offering more precise error messages and step-by-step options for setting up your new accounts.

Beyond the UI/UX improvements, we are introducing the following new features for all multi-account subscribers:

  1. Create an Empty Account: you can now set up a basic account by specifying only a username. This feature is handy when you need to quickly create a skeleton account; details like profile pictures can be added later.
  2. Create Account from TikTok: similar to single-user setups, you can now import data (such as profile pictures and usernames) directly from your TikTok account to create new profiles under your agency or multi-account.

Additionally, our UNIQUE multi-account subscribers will have access to an exciting capability: the ability to clone or duplicate an existing account into a new one. The duplication will include all content except for the username and URL, such as:

  • Links
  • Groups
  • Colors
  • Wallpapers and video wallpapers
  • All blocks (biography, images, etc.)
  • Scheduled links
  • UTM presets
  • And more

To explore all these new features, simply visit your multi-account homepage and click on the purple "Add New" button.

We hope these additions will streamline your daily tasks and enhance your overall experience with Lnk.Bio.