The Lnk.Bio APIs offer an excellent opportunity for advanced users and developers to automate and optimize their Lnk.Bio tasks. By integrating with the Lnk.Bio APIs, you can streamline your workflow and create custom integrations. The possibilities are endless: from creating an integration with your Content Management System (CMS) to syncing your social platform with Lnk.Bio.

Today, our APIs have become even more useful with the introduction of three new features:

1. List your current Lnks

The new endpoint `/lnk/list` allows you to retrieve the links you currently have in your account, in the same order they appear on your public page. This feature is particularly useful for retrieving the Link ID, which is the unique identifier of your links. You can use it to delete a specific link via the `/lnk/delete` endpoint.

2. List your current Groups

If your links are organized into Groups, you can now retrieve the list of Groups in your account, along with their IDs by using the endpoint `/group/list` 

3. Add Lnk to a specific Group

If your links are organized into Groups, you can now directly add the group_id to the POST call to the `/lnk/add` endpoint. This will immediately place your link into the specified Group, helping keep your page organized.

This feature is particularly useful if you have different sources of link automation and, for example, want to keep your shop links separated from your blog links.

If you're already using the Lnk.Bio APIs, you can check the updated documentation here.

If you'd like to get started with the Lnk.Bio APIs, request access here.

Additionally, we are planning to update our third-party integrations, including platforms like Zapier, IFTTT, and others, to incorporate these new endpoints. So, stay tuned for more enhancements that will make integrating with Lnk.Bio even smoother!