If you are looking to stand out among other Cosplayers, your linkinbio page must be awesome! 

Here are a few tips to create the ideal link in bio page for Cosplayers, showing all your content and increasing your conversion rates

Main ingredients for Cosplayers’ link in bio page:

Tip Jar: Receive support from your fans

Use the free Tip Jar from Lnk.Bio with 0% commission to receive support from your fans. With a Tip Jar you can receive donations via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, and many more, completely integrated in your Lnk.Bio page.

To add a Tip Jar, follow these simple steps.

Socials to connect

Cross-promote your social media profiles with your visitors, so they can follow you everywhere.

On Lnk.Bio, you can add Social Icons to your Cosplayer profile. Lnk.Bio has the largest collection of Social Icons already integrated for your profile, with more than 3,000 services available.

Learn how to add your icons to your link in bio page.

Embed Convention vlog

Embedding one video in your linkinbio page gives a great dynamic vibe and immediately resonates with your audience. A great way to engage with Cosplayers' fans is to embed a video of your last Convention, showing you interact with your fans.

The video that you embed can be from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Check this guide to embed your vlog videos natively on your Lnk.Bio page.

For YouTube, you can also auto-embed always your latest video: check out how.

Discount codes

If you have partnerships in place with costume shops, makeup sites, convention ticket sellets, make sure that you feature all your dedicated promo codes very visible on your link in bio page.

Affiliate Lnks

Use the Lnk.Bio Grid layout to boldly feature products you love and earn with affiliate links.

Almost all collaborations today provide with affiliate links where you can earn a percentage on all the sales you bring. Promote only products you believe in and that you featured in your Cosplay videos. If you share tutorials, make sure you feature all the products you talked about.

Contact form

A Contact Form is not just great for interacting with fans, but also to increases your chances to collaborate with larger brands and agencies. DMs are great, but when you need to send a detailed business proposal they are just messy.

Lnk.Bio offers a fully integrated contact form that blends with your page seamlessly, imports your color scheme and wallpaper and increases your conversion rate.

Check out how you can quickly set up your Contact Form, complete with GDPR-complaint privacy policy.