Oh this is sooo cool, I was waiting so much for this release since the old QR code was not pretty (sorry team).

Ehm, ok, so going back to the serious version of this announcement that totally disregards my personal feelings: we're releasing a major update to the generation of QR codes on Lnk.Bio.

The new QR code generation has so many cool new features that I'm going to need a bullet list:

  • Custom Color: Choose your preferred color by specifying a hex code or using our color picker.
  • Optional Logo: Generate a plain QR code (boring!), add the Lnk.Bio logo in the middle (cool!), or insert your own logo in the middle (even cooler!).
  • High-resolution Export: Export your QR code in vector and high-resolution formats, including EPS, so you can print your QR code anywhere and ensure it looks awesome.
  • Scan Analytics: Track how many people have scanned your code (available for users with the MINI plan and above).
  • Permanent QR: The QR code will continue to work even if you change your Lnk.Bio URL. But don't delete your account, obviously.

These features are designed to ensure you get the best out of your QR codes, making them more captivating and thus enhancing the possibility of gaining more traffic to your linkinbio page.

We've also moved QR code generation from your settings page to a standalone section under tools. You can access it from Menu > Tools > QR code.

Please note that if you choose to generate your QR code with your profile picture in the middle, you'll only be able to export it in high-resolution for printing if your profile picture is in vector format (SVG). So, be sure to update your profile picture to SVG before you generate your QR code.

Have fun with the brand new Lnk.Bio QR codes!