Major update for your Lnk.Bio shop: sell Services directly from your Lnk.Bio page using the built-in ecommerce capabilities!

Until now, the Lnk.Bio shop only allowed you to sell Downloadable Digital Products. But that was not enough! Starting Today, all existing and new Lnk.Bio shop users can begin selling services directly from their Lnk.Bio page—without an external e-commerce platform and without intermediate steps. With no upgrade necessary, it's all included in the Unique plan.

If you're wondering what types of services you can sell, well, your imagination is your limit. However, here are a few examples: SEO, Copywriting, Marketing, Social Media, Art, Photography, and many more.

If you haven't set up your Lnk.Bio shop yet, head over to My Money => Shop to get started. You'll be able to connect via Stripe and/or PayPal to collect payments and receive immediate payouts. Lnk.Bio doesn't hold your money for any period; you have a direct relationship with Stripe and/or PayPal and can manage your payouts independently. Following the same terms and conditions as Digital Products, Lnk.Bio retains 5% of the sale as a fee.

Once your shop is set up, go to the Lnks section and click/tap on Shop Product. A new modal window will open, asking what type of product you're creating, and you can select Services, as shown below.

Your product will be immediately available in your Lnk.Bio profile. Every time you sell a service, you will receive an email with the details of the buyer. The buyer can also provide additional comments/requests during the payment, allowing you to fulfill the order as precisely as possible.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the purchase or selling flow even further, please don't hesitate to suggest it here.

This is just the beginning; we're working hard to allow the selling of physical goods too, so stay tuned! You can also subscribe to our news via WhatsApp here.