Telegram is one of the widest-used chat services in the world and it's renowned for its privacy and security.

Promoting your Telegram channel or profile in your linkinbio page is a great way to ensure direct connection with your followers and visitors, and the possibility to convert them into long-term loyal fans.

There are several ways in which you can feature Telegram in your Lnk.Bio page, here are the best ones:

Integrate Telegram among your linkinbio social icons

Social Icons are a staple of any link in bio profile. They are cute, they don't take too much space, and they are immediately recognizable by anyone. 

Make sure that your Social Icons include your Telegram profile. On Lnk.Bio, you can add Social Icons following this simple guide.

Lnk.Bio has a simple search engine that automatically generates the official icon for you, so just search for Telegram and the official logo will be added to your link in bio page. There are more than 2,400 services!

The most common placements for the Social Icons are:

  • at the top of the page, right below the profile picture and right before all your links start;

  • at the bottom of the page, sort of like a footer.

Both are effective, and some profiles with very long link in bio pages actually use both!

Integrate Telegram as a link

You can also add your Telegram profile or channel as a simple link or button. Depending on your layout this can be one of the squares in your grid, or an horizontal button. 

But the bottom line is that showing Telegram among all your other links ensures that this communication channel is not overlooked and people can easily find your Telegram together will all your other important links (blog, website, etc...)

How to retrieve your Telegram profile link

No matter which integration method you choose, you need to retrieve your Telegram link in order to be able to redirect people to chatting with you.

If you are looking to link to your Telegram profile, you can find your link as follows:

  • from the Telegram app, tap on Settings (bottom-right corner)

  • tap on Edit (top-right corner)

  • tap on Username (middle of the page)

  • You will find the link at the bottom of the screen

  • It looks like

How to retrieve your Telegram group/channel link

Each Group and Channel you create on Telegram comes with its own custom invite link.

Simply access the Settings for your Telegram Group or Telegram Channel and it will show the lnk you can use.