Since you're here, I think you've already noticed the major redesigned we unveiled Today, so let me just quickly summarise everything:

First things first: Shop 🛍

Yes, Shop! Lnk.Bio users with the UNIQUE plan can now create their own Shop directly on Lnk.Bio (partnered with Stripe) and sell products from their Lnk.Bio Page. 

Currently the Shop section is dedicated to digital, downlodable products, so no services and no phisical products, but we are going to expand soon, so stay tuned! We keep a 5% commision on all sales, plus Stripe's own commission on credit card transactions (~3.5% depending on your country).

Head over to the Shop section to read more and get started.

Remember: only downlodable digital products, nothing illegal and no adult content. 🚨

Major revamp of the Lnks page

The Lnks page is the core of Lnk.Bio. It's the page you peeps use the most and the core of your Lnk.Bio account. With the integration of the Shop features, we wanted to keep the same simplicity and easiness of use while scaling to add more features. So we revamped the UI/UX to allow more control over your content in just a few clicks.

First of all, we added the possibility to choose what you're adding before starting the process: are you adding a standard Lnk, a Shop Product or embedding some music? Simply tap on each icon to get started!

You also have more control over the key elements, for example the Image, effects, or the Scheduling; there are clear indications for each additional element you set and you can easily delete/modify as you please. See below:

Sorting all the way!

One constant feedback we've been receiving, is that the old sorting feature was difficult to use because only few links would show up in the page and selecting and dragging was a pain, especially from mobile. So we've just released a dedicated page to sort your Lnks. Not only the new page shows many more Lnks allowsing for more vertical space for dragging&dropping, but we also added to arrows (Move Up & Move Down) to increase accessibility.

For those of you who use Groups, the new Sort page allows to sort Lnks within a group instead of just at a general level, and to choose the order also among Pinned Lnks.

What You See Is What You Get

Going back to the Lnks page, your content is now shown with the same style as your public profile. So if you have a list layout, Lnks will show as a list, but if you have a Grid, they will show as a Grid. This allows for a better understanding of how your profile will look like without having to check everytime in your public page.

Smaller Header

In order to simplify the layout and free up more space expecially on mobile, the header showing your profile picture has been reduced to a nicer, smaller horizontal bar with the same features. You can stil copy/edit your public URL and you can tap on the link to view your page.

Tweaks & Improvements

Overall we've refreshed the UI/UX of several components, always keeping in mind accessibility and easiness of use. We might have added a few extra clicks to perform actions, but such actions are now clearer, more defined, more accessible, and easier to understand.

We hope you love this new release and if you don't find something, feel free to chat with us or write at, we'll love to help!