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Mike has built over twenty startups and is an expert at ideation, innovation, and startup psychology. He spends his time now writing books on innovation, advising corporate executives on how to “think and act more entrepreneurial,” and training people on how to be professional ideators. Mike has taught tens of thousands of aspiring innovators from over 150 countries how to create million-dollar ideas and build wealth based on self-created intellectual property.

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A partial list of Mike Stemple's personal innovations:

2001 - Built the world's first Bluetooth-delivered multimedia application for handheld PDAs.

2002 - Built the world's first location-based, WiFi-delivered, streaming video solution to mobile devices (PDAs) utilized by Blockbuster Entertainment retail locations.

2003 - Built the world's first app store platform for delivery of mobile applications and content, utilized by Maxim, Tiger Beat & Bop Magazines, Sobe Beverages, Americas Top Model, Best Buy, and RadioShack, amongst others.

2003 - Built the world's first PIN Card (gift card) for mobile content redemption through online ecommerce.

2004 - Built the world's first mobile content vending machine utilized by RadioShack & Best Buy.

2004 - Built the world's first large-scale personalization platform for consumer electronics utilized by a who's-who of consumer electronic companies and wireless carriers.

2006 - Built the world's first large-scale platform for vehicle personalization utilized by the majority of automotive manufacturers and bought by 3M.

2006 - Built the world's first large-scale platform for sports accessory personalization utilized by the top water bottle manufacturers.

2008 - Built the world's first auto content aggregation to mobile device solution.

2009 - Built a platform to tackle the problem of allowing parents to monitor their kid's social media for inappropriate content.

2011 - Aided a well-known mobile phone company with their Bluetooth LE Drivers for the next generation of smartphones.

2011 - Built the world's first Bluetooth low-energy accessory solution for smartphones.

2013 - Built and launched a successful Kickstarter for a new type of mobile device case.

2014 - As a consultant, built an innovative wireless ankle monitor (Confidential Project).

2015-present - As a consultant, built numerous large-scale innovations that are currently under NDAs.

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