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Digital creative building audiovisual motion picture entertainment experiences using AI technology
cinema // animations // music // comics // memes
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About Me

Hi, I'm Chris. Human, Dad, Husband, Solana OG, Promulgator of GMs.  Stuck somewhere between MillennialX and Zoomer.  My first 3D metaverse experience was in 1997 building houses for my friends in AlphaWorlds.  A self-taught graphic designer through pirated Photoshop, I hacked HTML to build websites for money.

A lifelong artist, I enjoyed drawing shoe designs and robots as a child.  As an adult, I enjoy learning and conquering complicated projects.  I love to build something from nothing.  I love to be unique.  I love to bring joy to others.  Art is the avenue for joy.

Anything is possible with AI-assisted motion picture artistic expressions.

A journey into an artificial flavor factory...

My ventue into AI video art began in July 2021 when I picked up a VQGAN-CLIP colab notebook that would spit out animated movie loops from a series of still images.  From this I created multiple NFT collections minted to the Solana blockchain via early Metaplex codebase.  I wanted to capture these in time, as if they were a time capsule, and minting to blockchain allowed for that.

In 2022, I participated in closed beta testing for both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion early text to image models.  This allowed me to experiment with the AI, flexing these model to the maximum, and curating the best outputs to be captured perpetually as time capsules on Solana.

In 2024 and beyond, my focus is on expanding my audiovideo production abilities to the point of producing anything from cinematics to memes or even cinematic memes. End to end audiovideo production, not previously possible, now made possible through the power of AI.

AI turns what were previously creative disabilities and turns them into creative abilities!

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride of technology and technocracy as we build the future of finance together.  Reach out lets talk! DMS open!

Sincerely, MΣƬΛM◎Я₱Ḣ̴ ⒶⒾ

NFT Timeline

••••••••[ 2024 ]••••••••

Jan '24 - Chad's Channel
Mar '24 - Kinetic Comics
Mar '24 - artXmotion

Built from the latest in new machine learning assisted audiovisual building tools, Chad's Channel includes all original songs created and mastered by Metamorph.  This collection also features unique video memes, fake ads, movie trailers, and more!

Kinetic Comics bridges the gap between 2D comics and animations through AI-assisted motion graphic production.  Watch these comic strip panels come alive w/ motion & sound FX.

artXmotion takes you on a journey through time and technology celebrating the rich heritage of classical art combined with the future of modern digital expression.

••••••••[ 2023 ]••••••••
Break for family move/relocation to a new state!
What bear market?!?

••••••••[ 2022 ]••••••••

July '22 - Subway Segue
July '22 - Abstraction Distraction
Aug '22 - Phantasm
Aug '22 - Psychedelicates
Aug '22 - Kaiju School of Medicine

Aug '22 - Quantum Entanglement

Produced from beta testing efforts of Stable Diffusion & Midjourney pre-release models.  It was an honor to be one of the first people on the planet to lay hands on these tools to build these special collections.

••••••••[ 2021 ]••••••••

July '21 - Shadowy Super (SOL) Coders
Aug-Sep '21 - Elemental Machines
Dec '21 - Downtown Venus

Shadowy Super Coders was a multi-part series with storyline built in about the rise of Solana and documenting the US govt's distrust of crypto. This full collection was bought out by SOL Big Brain.

My first major collection, Elemental Machines, minted on v.1 of Metaplex (Pre-Candy Machine) through which 9 out of 10 mints failed.  Dropped on a barely functioning Digital Eyes marketplace.  As fresh as Solana, the collection was generated on early version of VQ-GAN models with artistic inspriation via sci-fi artist Jim Burns, animals and universal elements.

Currently releasing, created in late 2021, is the Downtown Venus banner collection generated with Disco Diffusion models inspired by art styles of Simon Stalenhag w/ a psychedelic aquatic vision.