Carter, stage name "NORD", is an 18 year-old performing artist and songwriter hailing from Portland, Oregon.


Born and raised in the metropolitan area of Portland, NORD is rapidly gaining well deserved notoriety for his unique and hard hitting melodic take on new age R&B and Hip-Hop influenced records.


With his debut single INDUSTRY being recognized around the world and shared by hundreds of thousands in an impressive period of time, he continues to consistently expand his influence with the help of his sonically powerful self-taught musical ability.


Showing a particular interest in music during his early teen years, he began working on music of his own as another means of expressing his creativity as an artist. The crafting of his distinctively impactful sound first started in the late months of 2021 within the walls of his own home studio.


To this day, NORD is consistently working on new melodies which will continue empowering his listeners with new versatile music styles, genres, and featuring artists on a one-way elevator to the top of the industry.