In the atmospheric realm where pop-rock shoegaze intertwines with gothic allure, Shunkan emerges as the sonic brainchild of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer Marina Sakimoto. Accompanied by musicians Dave Puckett (guitar) and Reese Jensen (bass), Shunkan crafts a sound that echoes the angsty depths of nineties grunge, the brooding essence of British alt-rock, and the melodic allure of millennium power pop.

The enigmatic journey of Shunkan unfolds against the backdrop of Marina Sakimoto's personal evolution. Raised in Southern California, Sakimoto, once dismissive of her Japanese heritage, now passionately weaves her cultural roots into the very fabric of her artistic expression. It's a journey that resonates in the darker themes, haunting imagery, and gothic elements infused into her songs and artwork — a space where Sakimoto finds solace among the strange and misunderstood.

Shunkan's debut EP, "Honey, Milk and Blood," and the inaugural album, "The Pink Noise," captured the attention of media luminaries such as The Guardian, NME, Noisey, Spin, Stereogum, BrooklynVegan, and more. The acclaim reached beyond borders as NZ Musician Magazine featured Shunkan on its fall issue cover in 2015, and The National Library of New Zealand officially archived "The Pink Noise" in 2019, a testament to the album's cultural significance.

With her independently released sophomore album, "Cumberland Falls," Sakimoto not only garnered high praise but also secured a coveted spot on NPR's Staff Picks of 2019. As she graduated from the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music, Sakimoto continued her artistic journey, unveiling the EP "She Nods" in 2022. The journey unfolds further with the 2023 single "October," a precursor to the upcoming third full-length album currently in the works.

In the evocative soundscapes of Shunkan, Marina Sakimoto beckons listeners into a world where the echoes of an analogue era, shadows of the inner-self, and the power of identity converge. It's a space where vulnerability meets strength, and the strange find their sanctuary in misunderstood beauty.