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About Smack

Super Smack is on a rapping, dancing, music-making journey to uplift anyone who's ever felt underrepresented. The Phoenix-based pop rap artist is known for his choreographed live shows, Hamilton-meets-KPOP energy, and his 5-member dancer-band, "Super Smack & The P.O.P.". A proud Asian American, Smack chose to become an artist to help folks from all backgrounds feel groovy, geeky, sexy, and ready to claim their spotlight.

Smack left his career as a professional actor and civic tech worker to embark on his music journey. He started by releasing a double EP: the energetic NEON RED and the introspective NEON BLUE, which garnered over 200,000 streams. He went on his first national tour in 2019, opening for LEX the Lexicon Artist in 16 cities. As a multi-hyphenate artist, he's collaborated with Robin de Jesus (TIK TIK BOOM), Daveed Diggs (HAMILTON), Rafael Casal (BLINDSPOTTING), and Catherine Ricafort (SPONGEBOB). In 2021, he teamed up with Mega Ran on BXG (Black X Gold), a song about Black and Asian solidarity that was selected for Rolling Stone's Global Artist Spotlight.  

After 12 years in New York City, Smack moved back to his hometown of Phoenix, AZ, where he’s built roots with the local music, dance, and creative communities. With an audience that's grown fivefold each year, he's begun work on his first full-length album, releasing Fall 2022.