@bvparalegal Profile Picture Holly A. Sheriff, Founder, Paralegal, Certified Coach, Strategist & Educator at Best Virtual Paralegal LLC (she/her) @bvparalegal

Meet Holly A. Sheriff, MSLS, MCC

Rev. Holly A. Sheriff, ASPS, BBA, MSLS, MCC, CCC, PCC,
LPC, CPP, founded Best Virtual Paralegal LLC
(@BVParalegal). She has worked as a motivational speaker,
author, legal consultant, paralegal, & certified coach for
over 33 years.

Holly has been an affiliate contributor & expert with the Paralegals Connect Magazine since 2020, and she is the current President of the New York City Paralegal Association. She's a member of the American Bar
Association (ABA) and Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society.
She is currently accepting new clients who want to build &
grow successful legal careers and growing practices.

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Best Virtual Paralegal LLC (BVP) (The Attorney Panic Button™) is an American legal support service provider. To help attorneys and paralegals achieve the success they deserve, the Best Virtual Paralegal Team provides legal support, educational services, and wellness lifestyle services. The Best Virtual Paralegal Team’s vision is to solve legal professionals’ problems by providing the best legal support services, legal admin services, consulting, coaching, and educational services at a fixed rate, when possible, and a fair hourly rate by frequently communicating with clients to help improve productivity, maximize resources, and control expenses.

The Best Virtual Paralegal Team's ideal clients are licensed practicing attorneys, small firms, solo practitioners, and other legal professionals including but not limited to in-house law departments, paralegals, and legal admins wanting to succeed in the legal industry.

So if you want to achieve work-life balance and other professional productivity goals, you have come to the right place.



We offer products and services to help attorneys and paralegals live and work better. 


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